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Current version

Windows: a157b_version_1.0.2_win.zip

macOS: a157b_version_1.0.2_mac.zip

Linux: a157b_version_1.0.2_linux.zip

No software has to be installed on the three operating systems. Simply download the file in the respective link, unzip it and start the program contained within. Please follow the installation instructions exactly. If you have any questions or issues, I would be happy to help: a157b@rusche.ch. And: Feedback is welcome!

Previous version

Windows: a157b_version_1.0.1_win.zip

macOS: a157b_version_1.0.1_mac.zip

Linux: a157b_version_1.0.1_linux.zip


Panels can be ordered with these files here or here:

Big and black: a157b-panel.zip

Small and gray: a157b-overlay.zip

Christian Rusche, 2021